For people we Love

About a’PURA

a’PURA, originally from AMONPURA, an ancient city as the city in the sky (in Thai story); natural environment without pollution, the closest land on earth from heaven.

Since 2014, a’PURA provides natural and organic products.
Starting from word of month service to first shop in 2016


Our logo – the “pine cone”

A symbol of protecting the next generation
Pine cone protect its seed by closing itself when flooded by water (unflavoured environment) and opens during dry weathers for its seeds to spread
Our role is also preserving and delivering our natural goods to the people we love


Our mission is to

  • Arise awareness the affect towards human & next generation of Pollution & widely use of Chemical
  • Provide an option of real Natural & Organic products


A’PURA will continue proving a healthier future for next generation, and delivering natural product for the person we care.